Twitter wrongly suspending @transphobes

Hello Twitter support —

The creation of this account, @transphobes, was planned, launched, and executed in June 2011, as a social watchdog compliant under the Rules of Twitter’s Help Center, both at that time and under current Rules. 

We request that these Rules be considered in the release of suspension for @transphobes.

As we have resolved this issue previously, we wish to direct attention to why the @transphobes account was created, how we are complying with Twitter policy, and in what way Twitter staff may be able to assist our work in light of the new “report abuse” system now being implemented. 

We have reviewed Twitter’s current Rules and Best Practices. We maintain that we have always acted judiciously throughout the entirety of the @transphobes account’s activation, dating to its launch two years ago.  

We continue to act conservatively and judiciously on this account, chronicling incidents on Twitter which incite material violence toward people who are trans (transgender, gender-non-conforming, or otherwise not cisgender). 

Our service provides a manual aggregation of those tweets which incite antisocial behaviour which would otherwise be actionable by local and even international law enforcement. 

Unfortunately, these tweets, which disproportionately incite physical and legal violence (specifically, tweets we mark as “favorites”), are left intact on Twitter’s servers with infrequent action exercised by Twitter.

We add that in two years, we have manually followed under 100 Twitter accounts for ongoing monitoring of Twitter activity which has already violated your Abusive Behavior Policy.  

This sum of accounts we do follow spans two years of consistent activity.  Averaged, we follow fewer than one Twitter account per week. 

Our principal complaints have originated from people whose selected tweets, **which already violated the Twitter Abusive Behavior Policy**, were highlighted for their abusive content and wished not to have this attention refocussed in a retweet or favorite. Most of their accounts remain active, despite tweets inciting actionable claims like murder, sexual assault, or wilful malice toward people who are trans.

Further, we do not monitor tweets or accounts which do not violate this standing Twitter abuse policy. We don’t expect this to change, as it would countermand our mandate for serving the @transphobes project.

Our policy for @transphobes is inscribed in our Twitter bio. It is the same bio from the account’s creation. Expanded, this means:

  1. That transphobic, cissexist, socially hostile, and slur-laden tweets toward trans people by other Twitter users may get retweeted. Any publicly viewable/searchable tweet is subject to this review. 
  2. Any tweets we find which urge that a trans person should be killed, grievously harmed, or threatened, is favorited for posterity and for documenting potential hot spots which could later reveal a systemic pattern of violence toward trans people. 
  3. We follow Twitter users judiciously. @transphobes follows only Twitter account holders manually whose timeline history reveals multiple incidents which fall under items 1 and 2 above. We follow this policy to periodically monitor the content of these followed accountholder tweets, to determine whether there are systemic patterns of violence toward trans people.
  4. We have never employed any kind of automation scripts or software. Everything we do is manual.
  5. Anyone who voluntarily follows us is aware that we will conduct a review of recent tweets from across the Twitterverse. During these reviews, the volume of our RTs will increase. We have never retweeted at such a rate which has knowingly landed us in “Twitter Jail”.

We again ask in kind for a human review for this appeal.  Thank you for your time.

Jordan & Lisette
@transphobes co-account holders

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